Project Brief:

DeltaDash, a dynamic stock market analysis application, sought to establish a robust presence in the competitive financial technology landscape. As a nascent startup, their core focus lay in providing traders with sophisticated analysis and visually intuitive stock charts to facilitate informed decision-making. Recognizing the pivotal role of effective marketing, DeltaDash entrusted us, their longstanding marketing partner, with the task of spearheading their initial marketing endeavors. Over the course of our four-year collaboration, we’ve diligently navigated their marketing strategies, fostering substantial growth and lead generation for DeltaDash.


Step 01

Requirements Analysis and Planning

To propel DeltaDash’s market penetration, we conducted an extensive analysis of the financial technology sector, identifying key demographics and investor segments primed for engagement. Leveraging our insights, a meticulous ad planning strategy was devised, aligning DeltaDash’s unique value proposition with targeted market segments. Emphasizing the platform’s analytical prowess and visually engaging stock charts, our tailored approach aimed to resonate with the discerning sensibilities of traders seeking comprehensive market insights.


Step 02

A/B Test to Find Best Performing Ads

Implementing a data-driven methodology, we rigorously conducted A/B testing on diverse ad formats, meticulously scrutinizing the performance metrics to discern the most effective messaging and visual components. This systematic approach enabled us to refine our advertising strategy, channeling resources towards the ads that exhibited optimal engagement and conversion rates. By continuously fine-tuning our approach, we maximized the impact of DeltaDash’s marketing campaigns, ensuring that every ad investment yielded substantial returns in the form of high-quality leads.


Step 03

Expansion of Best Ad for Best Result

Building upon the insights gleaned from our A/B testing, we strategically expanded the reach of the most successful ad campaigns, amplifying DeltaDash’s brand visibility and resonance within the trading community. Through our concerted efforts, DeltaDash experienced an unprecedented surge in lead generation, surpassing the milestone of 1000 high-quality leads. This surge directly translated into a significant upswing in business acquisition, cementing DeltaDash’s position as a promising contender in the competitive stock market analysis landscape. With our continued commitment to DeltaDash’s marketing success, we remain dedicated to fostering sustained growth and expansion for this innovative financial technology startup.

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