Project Brief:

Kiran Jadhav & Associates is a renowned firm in the field of stock market coaching and education. Before engaging our services, they faced several challenges in their social media advertising efforts. Despite their expertise in the stock market, their attempts to acquire leads through self-managed Facebook and Instagram ads were yielding unsatisfactory results. The number of leads generated was disappointingly low, and the cost per lead was disproportionately high, putting a strain on their marketing budget.

Recognizing the need for expert assistance, Kiran Jadhav & Associates brought us on board to improve their social media advertising and lead generation efforts. Our collaboration has spanned three successful years, during which we have consistently delivered impressive results for their business.


Step 01

Advertisement Strategies

To address the challenges faced by Kiran Jadhav & Associates, we devised a comprehensive advertisement strategy tailored to their unique needs and goals. Leveraging our expertise in social media advertising, we set out to optimize their Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Our strategies included:

Platform Selection: We selected Facebook and Instagram as the primary platforms for advertising due to their broad user bases and robust advertising tools.

Precise Targeting: We implemented advanced targeting techniques to reach individuals genuinely interested in stock market education. This involved demographic, interest-based, and behavior-based targeting.

Creative Development: We crafted engaging ad creatives that resonated with the target audience, focusing on the benefits of Kiran Jadhav & Associates’ coaching services.


Step 02

Winning Ads Discovery

With our strategies in place, we initiated the advertising campaigns and continuously monitored their performance. Through meticulous analysis and optimization, we identified winning ads that significantly outperformed others in terms of lead generation.

Key findings and activities during this phase included:

Initial Performance: Initial data revealed room for improvement, with low click-through rates and high lead acquisition costs.

Continuous Monitoring: We diligently monitored ad campaigns, gathering insights into user behavior, ad engagement, and conversion patterns.

Winning Ads Identification: Through A/B testing and iterative improvements, we pinpointed the ads that consistently delivered the highest number of quality leads.


Step 03

Scaling and Delivering Results

As we honed our advertising strategies and identified winning ads, the results spoke for themselves. We achieved remarkable success for Kiran Jadhav & Associates, significantly exceeding their expectations.

Notable accomplishments included:

Impressive Metrics: Lead numbers surged, and the cost per lead dropped significantly, making the advertising efforts highly cost-effective.

Scaling Success: We expanded the reach of the winning ads, ensuring a wider audience exposure without compromising lead quality.

Milestone Achievements: We achieved several milestones, such as an 87% in leads and a 65% in lead acquisition costs, demonstrating the tangible impact of our collaboration.